10 October 2017

Accompanying Teacher: Marcelin Joanis

Poly-Monde missions have become a tradition at Polytechnique Montreal. Each year, a select group of future engineers from Polytechnique are heavily involved in organizing an industrial mission abroad.

The 29th Poly-Monde mission will take place in India during the Spring of 2018. After a Brexit-influenced 2016 mission to the UK and Ireland and a 2017 mission to the eastern border of the EU, Poly-Monde returns to Asia. A demographic and economic giant, India’s dynamism now makes it as much a key destination for foreign investors as it is for the spirituality-seeking traveler. With its economic development accelerating, how does India balance tradition and modernity 70 years after its independence from the UK? And as the latter drifts away from Europe and reinvents its commercial strategy, what’s in stock for Commonwealth members such as India and Canada?

As the professor in charge, I am pleased and honoured to oversee the academic component of the mission. Under this component, the participants of Poly-Monde acquire the skills to take full advantage of the mission’s experience, such as the economic analysis techniques and the basics of geopolitics.

Poly-Monde is an enriching project. The members of Poly-Monde are learning all aspects of organizing and funding an industrial mission. In these tasks, they are supported by a board of directors that includes former Poly-Monde students, which is a concrete example of the mission’s great impact.

I sincerely wish the participants of the Poly-Monde 2018 mission in India to live the experience of a lifetime. I wish them to further develop there critical skills, valuable in their forthcoming engineering career, but also, and especially, meet inspirational people that will follow them throughout their lives, abroad and at home.

Marcelin Joanis, Ph.D.
Professor in charge of the Poly-Monde missions and the International Projects thematic orientation
Associate Professor, Mathematics and Industrial Engineering Department
Head of the research group on Globalization and Management of technology (GMT)
Research vice-president – government partners, CIRANO
Researcher, CERIUM